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Quality Highlander Decktechs

  • Simic Flash @ FNM

    5. Oktober 2019 von

    Hello Again, today I want to present to you one of my favourite color combinations, blue and green. UG aggro-control was one of my first HL decks ever. Back then I didn’t have any duals, B2B was like 50 cent and Wild Mongrel was the best two drop ever. The Deck used cheap creatures and… Weiterlesen

  • Top 10 Cards to pair with The Royal Scions

    11. September 2019 von

    Hello Again, Throne of Eldraine spoilers showed a few interesting new cards, The Royal Scions beeing one of them. A card that looked so strong on paper I thought it was fake at first, monstly because of it´s starting loyality of 5 on a 3 mana Walker. Abilitywise The Royal Scions are a mix between… Weiterlesen

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